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Children have contact with water on a permanent basis. They learn to care for this vital resource by using and re-using it in the irrigation of their small parcel under their care, depending on each individual capability. They also learn how to optimize its use while maintaining the farm, gardens, orchard, and keeping the green-house. While learning these simple, basic tasks, they also learn the importance, origin and destiny of water.

To achieve this goal, soapy, murky water is separated and treated in the aerobic-dynamic Water Recycling Plant processed through earth-red worms, river pebbles micro-organisms, and bio-filters, while also converting organic material to compost, 100% utilizable as all natural fertilizer for our own irrigation. The excess, if any, is canalized to the subsoil, to find its way toward water reservoirs. Rainwater is stored and utilized.

Our orchard and greenhouse is maintained by hydroponic systems. The children learn how to keep them in optimal conditions, so that they may consume its produce, as part of their emotional rehab process and senses development. Farm animals are fed by natural compounds, produced in our own facility.


Committed to the future. The design of our buildings is strategically oriented, so that they use solar radiation as the main source of energy, by means of solar panels, back-up eolic generators, charge controllers, load inverters, to naturally heat-up living spaces, as well as the water for bathing, cooking, and cleaning. This innovative system provides our sole source of energy, while interconnected to the grid to feed back extra energy produced in the premises.

These systems contribute to save gas and fuel when generating electricity, while avoiding carbon monoxide emissions, thus make efficiency and operation sustainable.

The Soil

Our 40cm. thick fences and walls have been built with recycled soil (bagged-adobe) from our own land. This creates natural insulation, resistant to extreme outdoor temperatures all throughout the year. As a consequence, our living spaces are weather resistant, require low maintenance thus eliminate the need for conventional heating/cooling devices. Also, by utilizing the same soil removed from our site to build our foundation, we avoid polluting the air, as trucks are not required to dump it elsewhere.

No chemicals are used to paint our walls. We color our home by mixing natural colorants extracted from the soil.

The Air

We take advantage of the strong air in the region and convert it into useable energy as a result of four eolic generators on high posts which produce 400W each. The design of our living spaces allows us to have a "crossed air circulation" for cooling, and " locks" to let warm air out in the summer. Heat is stored and used both at nighttime and cooler, cloudy days, which leads to significant power savings.

As part of their responsibility and learning experience children are in charge of opening doors and/or windows to let clean air circulate and renew. That would not be possible if we were to install conventional systems of heating and cooling, which use the same air time and time again, leading to potential unhealthy conditions that would consequently be the perfect field for bacteria and virus reproduction that would easily incubate, grow and spread.


Our remote location on the sandy dunes that lie on the outskirts of Ciudad Juarez is challenging on a great many levels - chief among them the unforgiving desert climate. During the planning stages for our children's home, Los Ojos de Dios partnered with the College of Architecture at the Universidad Autonoma de Cd. Juarez to design and build facilities that would be energy-independent, relying exclusively on wind and solar power for all their needs. In addition, we investigated and implemented the most reliable water reclamation options available to insure a minimum impact on our environment while promoting community-wide awareness of the need for conservation of this most vital resource. All our buildings are solar-passive and combine centuries-old adobe methods with optimum thermal design practices to limit our dependence on mechanical and electrical climate control, as well as to best utiliza native resources and heritage building practices combined with top-of-the-line modern bio-architectural technology that can be shared and replicated.

In order for these innovative systems to work efficiently, the participation of our children, employees and volunteers is required.